Automatic Blood Separator 6920 Series
    It’s been designed as an all-in-one design work station of the third generation of bms Blood Separator 6920 Series. This design makes the separating process free from the limit of working space and facility. Blood banks can make different separating group by themselves according to their actual situation.
    To avoid mistake and increase efficiency, bms Separator 6920 is designed with a tiled-type placement of bags. Precise step motor and serried 24 optical sensors guarantee the high quality of different kinds of separation including hand-make plateletphoresis.
Technical characteristics
Product advantages
    • 全球创新的第三代技术
    • 7项国际国内专利
    • 全面的高端硬件配置
    • 物联网云服务终端
    • 实现血液成分制备大数据实时管理

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