Stationary Intelligent Blood Collection Terminal 3880 TWIN – BCT 3880 TWIN

BCT 3880 TWIN is designed for fixed collection site with all instruments and functions required during collection procedure integrated together, which also makes this model a one-stop work station for fixed collection site to optimize donation experience of donors and help to increase the quality of collected blood. Meanwhile, as a data collecting and transmitting unit, this equipment can also make data comparison and data transmission to support real-time monitoring and management on bms software.

Technical characteristics
Product advantages
    • 全球首创,中国首台首套
    • 6项国际国内专利权
    • 2个采血单元集成一体
    • 2个多媒体信息推送单元
    • 信息收集安全比对单元
    • 自动热合单元
    • 服务于大数据物联网的数据传输单元
    • 符合人体工程学的嵌入式多层工作台面

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